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Become the brave with $CROSHI...

The First Shiba Token on Cronos

Croshi Inu is a decentralised, peer-to-peer digital asset and Cronos meme token on the Cronos Smart Chain.

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Bringing crypto closer

Croshi is focused on bringing crypto closer to the people -making investing fun, accessible, and rewarding.

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Becoming the brave

In times of low market sentiment and high market pressure, it's easy to forget where we are on this crypto journey. Fortune favours the brave, this is where the diamonds start to form.


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Yahoo Finance Digital Journal Cronoscan XY Finance

About Croshi Inu

Croshi Inu is a decentralised, peer-to-peer digital asset and meme token on the Cronos Smart Chain.

🚀 What is Croshi Inu?
🔮 The Vision
🔒 Is Croshi Safe?
🪙 Tokenomics
Introducing Croshi Inu
Croshi Inu is a decentralised digital asset and the first Shiba Inu-Cronos meme-token that is progressively evolving into a vibrant and engaging ecosystem for the masses.

$CROSHI launched on the Cronos Smart Chain on the 27th March 2022. The project aims to be the biggest player in Cronos meme-token space and has had great success already, reaching an ATH of $2.4m in just 4 days...
The Vision
Croshi’s primary vision is to reach a mass audience by captivating them with an entertaining and an immersive investment platform. Croshi’s ‘comicbook-style' storyline that encapsulates their upcoming P2E game and NFTs will be at the heart of this.

Another important goal for Croshi is ‘breaking down the barriers to entry’. Croshi has released CroshiSwap – a DEX which enables their investors to easily invest in their native token. Alongside this, Croshi has implemented a bridge platform (powered by XY Finance) which enables users to purchase $CROSHI from almost any other blockchain - yes, meaning you can buy $CROSHI with BTC, ETH and BNB to name a few!
Is My Investment Safe?
Invest with confidence knowing that Croshi was one of the first Cronos tokens to be whitelisted on MadMeerkat Finance (MMF), who commit to a heavy vetting process including KYC. Our owners are team members also Doxed and are regularly active in our community channels.
Total Supply: 100m (100,000,000)
Circulating Supply: 85m (85,000,000)
Tax: 7% (2% LP, 5% Marketing [Crommunity])
Distribution: 15m tokens reserved for utility (15,000,000)

Say Cheese!

See what Croshi is about, view us in real life!

Istanbul Mech-Eng Team
Istanbul University Mech-Eng Soccer Team repping Croshi Inu-sponsored kits.
Duffy Croshi Shoot
Croshi's finest bodybuilder (and Internal Marketing lead) - Duffy.
Croshi Soccer Kit
Croshi-branded soccer kit.
Croshi T-Shirt
Fresh Croshi T-shirt.
Croshi Solo Shoot
Croshi team kit close-up.
Croshi Game Clip
Game clip from early P2E game development!
New Launch - Croshi World Cup NFT Series!

Croshi Bridge

Buy $CROSHI directly from almost any other chain! Including ETH. BNB and MATIC.

Contract Address
EyeClosed Eye

What's Coming?

Just some of our utilities, and what's coming next.

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CroshiSwap DEX offers a fast and direct way to purchase $CROSHI.

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Buy CROSHI from almost any other network!

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P2E Game

A wild and immersive P2E game. currently in development.

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A never-done-before super NFT collection.

croshi inu  - Bridge now Live!

croshi inu  - Bridge now Live!

croshi inu  - Bridge now Live!

croshi inu  - Bridge now Live!

Our Roadmap

Share it with your best friends, or even your grandma! Let the world know what's coming.


Launch Phase


✔ Official Launch
✔ Website Launch
✔ Mmf listing
✔ MM.Finance Whitelist
✔ CEO & Founder DOX + KYC




✔ AMA Tour
✔ Launch CroshiSwap
✔ P2E Game kick-off
✔ Staking kick-off
✔ Sports Team Sponsorship



In Progress

✔ sponsorship kit branding
✔ merch store
✔ multi-network bridge
✔ Website re-launch
✔ Staking platform




✔ Enigma
✔ World Cup NFT Series
✔ Croshi Vote
Boneshi Testing
Utility development
P2E Game Launch


Investing in cryptocurrency coins and tokens including $CROSHI can be very risky. Cryptocurrency investments are often speculative and do not guarantee profit so invest with caution. Coins like $CROSHI, $DOGE, $SHIB, and others of similar nature are sometimes considered 'meme coins'.
There are unfortunately many fake imitations and scam coins/tokens so make sure you are buying the right coin (admin in our Telegram can answer questions if you need).

Some people create a token and then remove the liquidity from the liquidity pool after other people buy the token with no intention to return it. This is known as a 'rug' or 'rug pull' and leaves traders stuck with token they can not sell unless someone else adds liquidity. The creators often do this under false premise and are essentially stealing everybody else's money. This is why many meme coins like $CROSHI have liquidity pools locked for period of time (ours are currently locked quarterly).

Here at Croshi Inu we have all of our project address exposed and available to the public with direct links on this website. Another thing to consider is new projects/tokens may be less advanced and more susceptible to hacks (but not necessarily). If you have any concerns or need some kind of help regarding crypto you can join the crypto gods group here where you can chat with other crypto enthusiasts. Do try to get the help in public chat as often people will try to scam those who are new to the space in private DM's. Never send your private keys or seed phrase to anyone and never use it to log into a site or app.

Furthermore, please ensure you are not violating the laws of your territory when buying $CROSHI. We can not control who buys this token from a DEX like PancakeSwap and can not be held liable for any repercussions you face if you break the laws in your country. Here you can find some basic background on crypto laws in different countries but we recommend you look into it further as all countries have their own rules and regulations that are often changing as the space evolves.